GPP Reboot: Reducing Injuries


Weak Glutes. HIRD. Joint restrictions. Spinal mobility. Joint Stability. Fascial Fitness.Who has any time to actually train when we need to do all of the corrective work coaches should do? I often say you can spell reboot without Boo, as in coach Schexnayder. We need more focus on routines and programming that encourages a natural wash out of joint restrictions, muscle weakness, and motor control issues. Boo has connective tissue/fascia routines, stabilization routines, abdominal/spinal work, and circuit style calisthenics that should be expanded by therapists of how they work. So where to get good information? Look at good GPP programs and how performance and track coaches deal with restrictions and complex injuries. Don’t copy the LSU program but look at the origin of much of the LSU stuff and see if you draw your own conclusions on the intent. Some interesting findings.