100 months of ELITETRACK


Today is September 10th, 2010….or 10/10/10 numerically. These numerical oddities only occur 12 times each millennium. And thus it’s only fitting that today (this very day!) marks the 100th month of ELITETRACK. That’s 8 years and 4 months for those of you trying to count it out. Clearly we have the blessing of the track and field gods. When ELITETRACK started out, there was no facebook or youtube. In fact, aol.com was still the biggest site on the net. If you’re in to web evolution, check out ELITETRACK’s here. To celebrate this day and thank all of those who’ve been a part of our success, I’m offering 30% off all DVDs at the HPC company store. Books (including our latest additions…Supertraining and the 2nd Volume of Transfer of Training) and DVD bundles are 10-20% off. Thank you to all those who’ve contributed to the site and made it the most complete training resource on the web.