What are the Common Denominators of Training?


My HPC Elite post-collegiate track group is slowly trickling back in to training at Athletic Lab. As some are still enjoying their time off, recovering from injuries, and working their work and travel schedules to get back to training we’ve had an inconsistent group in our first couple days of practice Today for example, we had 4 athletes from seemingly different backgrounds…a high jumper, a long jumper, a short sprinter, and an 800m runner. Yet today everyone did exactly the same thing. Why? Because early on in the year when training should be very general in nature, there are several common denominators between the primary aspects of those events that needs addressing before more specific work can be adequately addressed. So early on in the year, it’s perfectly ok to train all of these athletes in very much the same manner. Everyone needs to be able to accelerate. Everyone needs strength. Everyone needs high levels of work capacity. Without developing these and other physical capacities, attempting to do overly specific training too early would be like building a house in the sand.
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