Another Legend Passes: Yuri Verkhoskansky


I just received the following email from a colleague of mine.

With sadness, I am writing to inform everyone of the passing of Dr Yuri Verkhoshansky on June 23. He was easily one of the fields greatest minds in history. His contributions are monumental and have heavily influenced all great coaches.

Personally, I have been honored to be his publisher and representative to the the english speaking world. I have enjoyed a great business relationship with Yuri and considered him and his family personal friends of mine. The scientific world has endured an enormous loss and has void that cannot be filled.

Rest in Peace, Yuri Verkhoskansky.

Yosef Johnson

In recent years, Charlie Francis, Mel Siff, James Hay, and now Yuri Verkhoskansky have passed. These men are legendary in their contribution to sport science, training theory and the advancement of sport. One wonders where our understanding of biomechanics and training theory would be without these guys leading the way. In many regards they were all 20-30 years ahead of their time.