Jade Ellis update


For those who’ve been read about and supported Jade Ellis’s Achilles tendon rupture and subsequent training return to training I figured you might be interested in seeing this video about Jade that was recently done by our largest news station. You can also read a short accompanying article HERE. If you look close in the video you’ll also see none other than our very own elitetrack.com member, Eric Broadbent running side-by-side with Jade at a workout we had over winter just shortly prior to the injury.

That PRP treatment was over 1 month ago and Jade resumed light training about 3 weeks ago. This past Monday, he had what I thought was a breakthrough session with some of his hardest / fastest running yet, a return to Olympic lifting, and our heaviest deep squat session since the injury 6 months ago. Even more encouraging is the fact that we had 5 training sessions with some form of impact in the past 7 days….the first time we’ve had that since the injury. Prior to this point, we’d been spending days in the pool or resting whenever there was any small signs that the Achilles needed more rest. Here’s a video of Jade running from Monday. Although the runs were not full speed and he isn’t quite back to fully correct contacts (he’s still landing flat footed rather than on the ball of the foot) you’d be hard pressed to tell that he was diagnosed with a complete Achilles rupture 6 months ago and never had surgery.

Long jumper Jade Ellis In first hard running session following Achilles rupture on 12seconds.tv