Carte Figurative


Being a visual person and one that struggles with advanced math I decided to read up on statistics and do some problem work to keep my skills up to date. I spent a lot of money to consult with a few people in the data visualization field so I can enjoy life after dinner instead of reading some excel for dummies or online tutorial on spreadsheets. After a few weeks of emailing workouts I will be moving to a complete cloud system myself to work with another therapist regarding monitoring. Being a simple guy with regards to strength programming (no 3 hour lifting programs), I decided to see the composition and compare categories of lifting options. The numbers were not shocking, but I didn’t really reflect on how much I spend doing what. I think I will keep the same ingredients but I will try to play with things in the fall. My goal is to minimize the DOMS with transitions of exercises because we have a limited amount of time to do true speed work due to weather and I want to ensure I am not reducing volume and intensity without first looking at sequence and design.