Plan B


We often think of Plan B as something we go to when things go wrong (e.g., when athletes get beat up, weather conditions, injuries). But what about going to Plan B when things go right?

Yesterday we had a Sprint-Float-Sprint workout planned with 6-8 mins break. The first run went so well, exceptionally well, that I had to make an important decision. I could:

a) adhere to the rest/recovery time on the paper (this would be foolish)

b) stop the workout and go to something else (this was considered)

c) lengthen the rest interval (this is what I chose…we went to 10-12 mins break btw runs)

Maybe if it were later in the year (e.g., summer or near outdoor ncaas) i may have chosen b, but I wanted to extend specific work capacity and felt that this was the right time. Anyway, it just got me thinking that sometimes Plan B is for when things go well, too!