How to Search ELITETRACK


This site is now over 7 years old and the quantity of information on here is growing at an increasingly fast rate. As a result there’s potential for many entries to get buried in the clutter. We have an onsite search engine but unfortunately it isn’t perfect. There is a better way to find things around here though whether it’s an article you read 5 years ago and can no longer find, a forum topic you found particularly interesting or one of the more than 1,500 blog entries on the site.

As mentioned our search engine isn’t perfect and will often leave stones unturned. But luckily we can turn to the best search engine in the business….Google. Just take the topic(s) you wanted to find and add it to a Google search while adding to your terms (as seen in the picture). Google will limit its results to only this site, and the results are usually much better and easier to recognize than ELITETRACK’s own search engine.

Here are some other tips:

  • If you’re looking for a specific phrase put around your search terms. In the picture on the blog I’m looking for any entries that contain the two word ‘sprint training’ placed together.
  • If you want to exclude a phrase but a – directly in front of the term. In picture I’m excluding any results for ‘sprint training’ that include the word ‘db hammer’ in them.
  • Using a * will serve as a search term wildcard or ‘fill in the blank’.

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