Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day to all American members (and all our international friends that want to celebrate with us). To help out all you hard workers out there I’m offering 10% off all DVD and book sales at the HPC company store for today only. This can be used on top of the already ongoing End of Summer Clearance…meaning you can purchase items for as much as 40% off the retail cost. Use coupon code ‘laborday’ at checkout to receive your additional discount. This additional discount is good only for today so act fast.

On a semi-related note, I’ve been putting up pictures and videos of my on-site (I have quite a few off-site as well) post-collegiate training group at SportyImage.com under the HPC Elite category as well as occasional postings to @athleticlab. The pictures and videos are completely raw with no editing to speak of but I figured they might be of interest. Some are HD video quality, some videos are shot at super high speed (210-420 fps) and others are just pics straight from my iPhone. Note that this is the first training cycle with me for most of these athletes so let’s not get in to a debate over perceived technical deficiencies quite yet….if you continue to see them by next month though feel free to lambaste. If there’s an interest I have the resources to put together videos of selected sessions from start to finish complete with commentary on why we’re doing what we’re doing as well as some coaching insights and put it on the web for download. The cost would be minimal ($3-6 / video download) but I’d like to know if there’s an interest for such a thing because I’m looking for alternative means to help support the post-collegiate groups costs. Let me know what you think.