How long can Usain dominate?


To continue on my recent obsession of short blogs about Usain Bolt I wanted to throw out another thought….how long can the guy be the best sprinter in the world? Right now he’s arguably 10-15 years ahead of his competitors. Even if his performance falls off substantially in the next 8 years, everything we have to go on right now would indicate he would still be the best sprinter in the world…especially in the 200m. His winning 200m margin at championship events over the past 2 years is over a half a second over the second place runner and more than a second over some of the runners in the final. That means he has the ‘performance reserve’ to get injured, not train, or see performance drop-offs due to age and still be the best for a long time. The only other athletes I’m aware of in all of sport that really had this luxury were Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong. Jordan in particular competed well beyond his physical prime but remained the best player in the league all the way through the end of his first comeback. Even when he came back a second time to play for the Washington Wizards he remained among the top players in the league at the ripe age of 40 because he had such a huge gap over his competitors in his prime that they were only just able to catch up to him as he was near the end of his career. Can Usain do the same thing?