9.58- WOW


Sorry I’ve been away for a while (more on that in upcoming posts) but I thought I’d mark my return with some detailed commentary on Usain’s 9.58 world record performance yesterday: WOW. On a more serious note, I’m actually curious to know whether the performance was better than last year’s run in Beijing. I’m not quite sure myself and I have yet to do a detailed analysis of the splits to see. Remember last year I speculated that Usain’s Beijing race was worth about 9.58 if he had gotten better reaction time and ran through the line. I’ll try to do a review of the Berlin race in the coming days. In the meantime, here’s the splits from the race. Unfortunately, these are only 20m splits so we’re not getting the normal 10m splits we’re used to but it’s still safe to say that Usain was running faster than any human ever has for any 10m segment.