Interesting Numbers of Track & Field


Track and field is all about numbers. The competition is certainly important (maybe more so) but most people are just as concerned with the numbers- the times, the distances, etc. With this in mind, I wanted to throw out some interesting factoids for you to chew on. Did you know:

  • The average velocity of a top athlete running the 400 hurdles is higher than one running the 110 hurdles?
  • The fastest recorded top end speeds would approach the city speed limits in many municipalities?
  • That in the world record 5k performance, Kenisa Bekele ran over 3 consecutive miles at just a hair over 4 minute miles (~4:03 / mile).
  • The world record in the marathon is the equivalent of running 105 quarter mile repeats at an average of 70.6 seconds, and then bringing it in with a final 200m rep at 29 seconds…without taking any rest in between.
  • The world record in the men’s long jump is almost exactly the length of a yellow school bus.
  • The release speeds of elite shot putters (13.6+ m/s) is slightly faster than the top end speeds of the world’s fastest sprinters?

There are TONS of interesting ones. Please share yours in the forum.