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Twitter has entered the public consciousness and it’s now impossible to ignore. Whether you like the premise or not there are millions of people on twitter now and it’s growth has been faster than every other social networking site in web history. I’ve been on for about a year and a half (@mikeyoung) and I use it to crowd source ideas, market my business, follow what others are doing and share what I think is useful or interesting information. A couple months ago, I even put elitetrack on twitter (@elitetrack) to automagically send out tweets of all the blogs on the site. One of the best parts of twitter is that it allows the ‘everyman’ to connect with celebrities and supermen as never before. With that said, I wanted to share a list of some track related folks on twitter. Please RT this blog entry if you’re on twitter and if I missed you please send a note to @mikeyoung.

Past or Current Elite Track Athletes on Twitter

Elitetrack Members on Twitter

Other Running / Track Related Sites on Twitter

College Track Programs on Twitter