Make ELITETRACK Better: Contribute to the Wiki


The fourth installment in this series will be another short one….contribute to the ELITETRACK wiki. The forum and blogs have TONS of info but now that we’ve got several years worth I think it’s time we start to organize it in some semblance. An attempt to do this is actually underway in the form of a book using the 7 years of forum info; but I think it would also be nice if we could use our collective knowledge to fill the wiki. Any registered and signed in member can contribute to the wiki. There are already some topics in there and some members have contributed but I think it’ll take a larger effort to get off the ground. So I’m asking that if you read something valuable on this site, or anywhere else and feel like it’s worth of putting in to our own encyclopedia then please do it. Not only that but the wiki can be used as a file repository to store pdfs you find informative, powerpoints from lectures, etc. For more info on how to use the wiki, see the video here starting at the 40 second mark.
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