Information Mastery: Indirect Questioning, Response, and Feedback


Sometimes I have been accused of being mean and rude on this board. I have also been accused of being informative as well. What sometimes is misconstrued as mean is really an attempt for more information from a known set of information data. Rather than try to pry and cipher through a set of questions designed to funnel down what we believe in a rather direct approach. You indirectly address the source of the unknown information and what you get back is the information you needed if there is a response to your indirectness. If you don’t know what kind of animal you are dealing with, sometimes its better to trick it so as to expose itself before you try to trap it with too small of a trap.

As a coach, this is probably the best way to get information from your athletes in situations were the athletes are being evasive or cannot explain to you what is happening. Making an educated or experienced guess into the problem isn’t rocket science, but if the athlete knows you are fishing they will tune you out. However, if your initial guess is close they will respond and sometimes they will respond if you way off.
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