Share your Thoughts – Guest Blog for ELITETRACK


In light of the posts I made in my previous post I’d like to announce a change in the blogging format. I’ve opened up the blog as a Hyde Park of sorts. If you have something you want to contribute (a school paper you worked hard on and would like to see published, a one-off blog that you want to post, a counterpoint to other bloggers on the site, or even a ‘letter to the editor’ discussing your thoughts on this site or it’s specific posters). Nothing is sacred here other than respect. As long as we respect each other, keep discourse civil, and stay open minded enough to not be insulted by differences of opinion, than any ideologies will be given an opportunity for public scrutiny. I actually made the change to the blog format last week (for long time member Jay Turner who wanted to blog) but I hadn’t announced the change because I still had some minor things I need to work out. This recent discussions about Carl’s post have made this a perfect opportunity to make the announcement that blogging is now open. If you are a member in good standing who would like to guest blog please let me know. Writing style must be above average, content must be good, and civility must be maintained. Otherwise, I encourage anyone with an opinion and a brain to contribute. Your entries will display on the main page and in the forum just as any of the other blog posts do with no full commitment to post with any frequency. Contact me if you’d like to be a guest blogger.
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