Dwain Chambers Causing Waves Again


Dwain is back in the spot light. It’s not a position he’s unfamiliar with. First it was as a young phenom sprinter and would-be challenger to then Sprint god, Maurice Greene. Then it was as a drug cheating member of the now-notorious Balco dopers. More recently, he’s grabbed attention as a prodigal son of sorts. Returning to the highest levels of the sport, presumably clean, and doing so while fighting some of the policies of his own country. Obviously the guy now knows how to handle himself under pressure and media scrutiny. In fact, it appears he’s taking advantage of it and turning all the scrutiny on its head by releasing what appears to be a ‘tell-all’ book. While the book won’t be out until March 9th, early reports have been juicy. Check out some of the news over the past day or two:

This could be the Speed Trapstyle=border:none of the modern era.

To read Dwain’s new book, check here:Race Against Me: My Storystyle=border:none
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