Foamy Grossness part II


I titled this Foamy Grossness part II only because this is my second go at a post-workout 4:1 homemade CHO/PRO shake. This time I put a little more effort than my late night debacle. The hope was to make this only from supermarket materials, but there were some key ingredients that I had to order online.

Dehydrated Milk Powder – 8 g PRO/ 12 g CHO – 3 servings for 24g/36g

Dextrose – 16 g (approx. 4 tsp) = 64g CHO

Hershey’s Unsweetened Chocolate Powder (for taste purposes) = (approx) 1 g PRO/ 3 g CHO – 2 servings – 2g PRO/ 6 g CHO

Powdered Creatine 3g

Powdered L-Glutamine 4.5g

Water – added to consistency of my liking – approx 24-30 ounces

I was actually surprised at how good this tasted. It wasn’t like a typical protein drink, more towards chocolate milk consistency. The overall numbers are 106 CHO/ 26-27 PRO which is right on the ratio. There were no trials of shake taken post running, but post lift it is excellent. The caloric total is just above 300.

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