Oh Penn


Growing up across the Delaware River in a place I like to call South Jersey (much different from North or even Central Jersey), I was accustomed to the last weekend of April being Penn Relays. My dad coached HS track since the dawn of time and we would always go every year to see his athletes run. In a quick sidebar, he had a javelin thrower win in the 90’s and they both had the honor of meeting Bill Cosby.

While I absolutely love my job, I miss the Penn festivities, the Jamaican flags, and of course, the over-priced, sugary, strawberry goodness. So, if you ever get the chance to go, get yourself a strawberry smoothie. Also if you are in Philly for the first time, go get yourself a cheesesteak from Pat’s to top off the trip.

Some memorable moments:

Watching a 90-year-old blaze to the 100m dash world record in 19? seconds.

One of my best friends getting in an argument with Bill Cosby about starting blocks when he was 8. (he should put it on youtube)

Getting my picture in the paper in HS becasue I was hurdling a person.

So the next time you have the honor of attending Penn, make sure you make the best of it and live it up. It is a great track meet and few like it in the US.
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