Block Starts and More Block Starts


Camryn Block Start

One of my friends and coaching buddies Phil Wollbrink put together  a great five minute video in the youtube link below to help his athletes learn how to execute a proper block start. The video progresses from high school athletes to pro sprinters. The wonderful thing about Phil is he can make difficult concepts easy for all people to understand. He is a great presenter at clinics and very popular amongst the coaches in our area. His willingness to share his ideas and positive attitude make people gravitate towards him. This video presentation he created for his athletes and coaching friends is just another example of his good will and fellowship. Click on the link and enjoy. Note the video is best watched when played on 480p (on internet explorer/firefox doesnt have the 480p option). The gear icon is where you click to enhance the quality of the film. Let me know what you guys think.