An inside look in to Athletic Lab’s professional development meetings


We have a highly competitive internship program at my training center – Athletic Lab. This summer we had seven interns from around the United States to work, mentor under our coaches, develop special projects and assist with training sessions. One of the most valuable parts of the internship is the weekly professional development meetings that I hold with the group. This summer one of those interns, long time ELITETRACK member John Evans, recorded some of the chalkboard sessions and has allowed me to repost for the readers of ELITETRACK. These are completely unedited (with occasional foul language and inside jokes) and all are roughly about an hour long. Here are a handful of the sessions (click on the link to download) from our summer internship session. The topics I’ve listed are what we start on but we frequently veer off topic as I don’t make a hard curriculum or format to follow, tend to just speak off the cuff, and intentionally make the format more of an open seminar feel rather than like a class room:

To read more about our internship program you can read John’s account here.