So recently I saw the only # that has ever made me pause and ponder. The # was ‪#‎Pressureisaprivilege‬. Oddly, the hashtag touched me deeply because I have been blessed by people in my life who have provided me a chance to rise above challenges in times of pressure. Pressure is not only a privilege it is practice for challenges ahead. The privilege to face fear, doubt and uncertainty then rise above. When you’re young, it can be asking that cute girl out for a movie when you‘re in middle school so that later in life you when you see your future wife at the bar you have the confidence to wade through all of her friends and other potential suitors to ask her “what she is doing for the next forty to fifty years.” Pressure forces you to be better then good it pushes you to be great. About a decade ago a mentor of mine challenged me to do better and achieve what I thought was impossible. He forced me to be better and we all rose together. My parents always had high expectations. Did I fail at times? Yes, but my parents were there to drive me not accepting I sit in neutral but always being the first to help me fix a tire if I blew one blazing a new path for myself. Good or bad all the situations that provide pressure are an opportunity. I still fail all the time but I succeed too! The point is to learn, grow, and get stronger. These high-intensity situations allowed me to continue to grow and take on great challenges and accept criticism all at the same time. Pressure forces you out of your comfort zone and can be humbling. However, true greatness can only be achieved when pressure is applied. I say welcome that pressure. Be thankful for the privilege it will provide you now or in the future. Enjoy that feeling of being pushed. Welcome pressure and direct toward a positive end result.


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