10 Thoughts about Richard Kilty’s 60meter World Championship


A number of things I believe we should summarize when looking at Richard’s performance.

  1. 6.49 is a great time.
  2. His reaction time allows him to not have to burn to much energy holding on or catching equal talent. Easier to run fast when you start with a slight lead and stay relaxed.
  3. Richard is not bulky he has a classic sprinter build. Craig Pickering and Dwain Chambers are bulky.
  4. Richards 200 speed and training has given him the training and performance resume to make him the next sub 10.00 sprinter.
  5. A number of you mentioned Tumi and Collio both have some issues that may limit them compared to Killty. Tumi stride length is not as long and doesn’t have the training or race profile at 200meter dash. Collio when reaching max v becomes a little loose in his form. By the way I still believe these two gentleman can brake 10.00 seconds.
  6. Richard has stayed cool under fire at this indoor championship. At the end of the race he was pressured greatly and was able to remain calm. This allowed him to maintain rhythm.
  7. Visually it looked as if was just hitting his highest gear at 60 meters with little sign of slowing down.
  8. He is still young and has a lot of time to improve.
  9. His progressions have not showed signs of something that would raise an eyebrow.
  10. Just like when Roger Bannister broke 4mins in the mile┬áleading to a number of runners braking 4mins. Christophe Lemaitre did the same for non-west African sprinters. Don’t forget there was a Chinese athlete that was in the 60 meter final today. Along with a different Chinese and teenage Japanese athlete who nearly broke the 10.00 barrier in 2013